Our Story

Sue Kinch found herself wanting a tangible way to express appreciation for the gift of time shared over a bottle of wine. She knew someone who manufactured bottle tops for the liquor industry and asked, “Can we taper that shank to fit all standard wine bottles?”

Sue  engraved images on the wine  stoppers and launched production in time for the 2014 International Housewares  show in Chicago and won a Global Innovation Award. The initial designs were centered around wine and friends.

Upon returning from the show, Sue engraved the State of Michigan on wine stoppers and they sold out, leading to a light bulb moment; “These are souvenirs!” 
Wine stoppers won best new product at the 2015 International Souvenir show.

Promotional product distributors started calling, “You have to come to PPAI!”. Who knew there was a 26-billion-dollar promotional products industry? Logos started appearing on Tangico wine stoppers in 2016.

Soon, Sue had brides knocking on the door wanting wine stoppers for reception favors—she needed help!

Sue called the most competent, smartest, hardest working person she’d ever met, Jennifer Garrison. She asked Jennifer to help turn a product into a business (promising Jennifer she’d be paid less than she was currently making). 

Jennifer set up production in Pontiac Michigan and named the first engraver “Belva”, after her grandmother. It wasn’t long  before a  second  engraver  named Margaret,  after  Sue’s  grandmother  was  up and running. Engraver  number  three,  Lucy  Anne,  after  Sue’s  mother-in-law  joined  Margaret  and  Belva in 2018.  

These ladies work hard and inspire us every single day.



                       Lucy Anne

Mark Owen Elder (MOE), founded KitchenHappy to sell Snapi, a single-handed server for pasta, salad, fruits, vegetables and more.
Jack Elder, MOE’s brother, a Kettering Award winning plastic injection molding expert invented and patented Snapi. Jack’s business, Multiject, is the largest North American producer of bottle tops for the liquor industry and manufactures Tangico’s wine stoppers.

MOE encouraged Sue to rebrand to Tangico and funded our start up and engravers before passing away. 

 Without MOE, there is no Tangico.

Everyone who visits Tangico’s offices sees MOE on the wall.  We cherish every opportunity to remember a great man and friend.